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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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chron like this is kron 4 news at 11:00. new details about the hours leading up to the arizona shooting. what investigators say suspect jared loughner did right before his deadly rampage. also, a possible california connection to the violence in arizona. why detectives from tucson contacted a bay area lawmakers. but first, violence rocks an oakland neighborhood. >> we have the details in our top story at 11:00. a drib by shooting in oakland injured two people and left bullet holes on this wall. it happened around 3:30 friday
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afternoon. they say someone drove up to a 16-year-old boy and a young man and started shooting. both were hit. >> i thought there were fireworks so i kept on walking and paid no mind to it. >> reporter: witnesses say the 16-year-old walked about a block after he was shot creating a trail of blood. you can see firefighters cleaning up the sidewalk. witnesses say the teenager was shot in the leg. police say he will survive. but the other victim was suffering from life-threatening injuries. the teenagers' friends tell me the shooting was gang related. neighbors aren't surprised. they say gangs are very active in this area. they hear shootings all the time. >> i'm scared if my daughter's are playing outside, they will get hit by cross fire. >> reporter: this is the same neighborhood where they want to establish an injunction. it's a restraining order that would set up curfews for 40 gang members and stop them from associating with each other.
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but some neighbors say that may not be enough. >> if this shooting was due to some kind of like gang rivalry, they don't care if it's during the day or night. that law, if it does pass, it wouldn't really matter. they will do whatever they want to do. detectives investigating the deadly shooting in tucson, arizona are now talking to california state senator yee's office. they are interested in death threats that came into yee's office last year. >> reporter: he says this fax which isolate incident -- there is a picture of a pickup truck with the american flag on it dragging a noose. there is a picture of a rifle scope targeting a shirt, another page on the fax says "
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death of all domestic marxists. -- to speak at this california state university fund raidser -- raisers last june. he also received some racist phone calls like this one from an anonymous caller. >> you don't like it, tell them to go back to china. he's an immigrant. we speak english. >> reporter: they say an investigation has been underway and he's not sure if there is any connection between the threats he received and the tucson tragedy but he's going to take precause of actions. >> my -- pretalkses. >> my staff is going to receive training to handle these kind of situations. it's important i continued to do the things i've been doing in the past. because we have to send a clear
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message that we stand up and we're not going to allow you to take over the discourse of this country. meanwhile, the man accused of gunning down congresswoman giffords and the others reportedly posted a picture of himself with a gun just hours before the shooting. police say jared loughner was wearing only a red thong as he brandished a handgun. the revelation comes as police are getting an hour by hour account of his actions. [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: the dispatch area he tapes record the first responders' reaction to the scene. [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: tucson police say they have traced the movements of alleged shooter jared loughner in the hours before
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the rampage. one week ago, last friday night, he drops off a roll of film at a walgreens about 11:30. after stopping at a convenience store, he checks into a motel 6. at 2:19. he goes back to the walgreens and picks up his photos. at 4:12, he posts a bulletin on my space. it's entitled goodbye friends and includes one of the photos from walgreens. he's on the move again on saturday, going to a wal-mart and then a convenience store then back to the same wal-mart where he tries to buy ammunition. a clerk turns him down because of his suspicious behavior. at 7:27, he suck seeds in buying ammunition along with a black bag. he was stopped by police for running a red light and given a warning. he returns home and has a confrontation with his father afterwards fleeing on foot and ditching the bag in a dry river
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bed. at 9:41, a cab picks him up at the same convenience store he visited earlier. he arrives at the safe way just before 10:00 a.m. the first 911 calls come into police at 10:11. >> he ran northbound out of the store wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. we believe giffords was shot. and today brought the funeral for the federal judge who was killed the last weekend. judge john roll was buried today under very tight security. former vice president dan quayle was among the many mourners today. stay with us for continuing coverage of the arizona shooting and you can also go to our website anytime for the very latest updates. lately clear skies for much of the bay area on this friday night but there are some problems with fog beginning to
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show up for the north bay valley. santa rosa and nap in a ---- napa. the fog is expected to increase through tonight. tomorrow morning, mcto start out the day -- mostly cloudly to start out the day. now, by the afternoon, i think the clouds are going to clear out, making for a mostly sunny afternoon with some warm temperatures getting into the 60s, perhaps even close to 70 degrees. i'll talk more about the saturday forecast and the rest of the weekend, too, coming up. fighting to keep schools open in the east bay. dozens of parents and schools and teachers rally as several schools could be closed because of budget cuts.
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new at 11:00, several people are without a home tonight after a two-alarm fire. it happened about 7:40 tonight
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in a residential building in san francisco. fire crews were able to get that fire under control in less than an hour. nobody was hurt but eight people are displaced. the red cross helped them find a place to stay. the cause is under investigation. an arrest has been made in yesterday's deadly shooting inside a san francisco coffee shot. the shooting happened near polk and gary streets. it happened just about 4:30 on thursday. the suspect chased terry turner inside the cafe and fatally shot him and then ran away. the suspect's name is being withheld at this time. turned out to be a really nice afternoon. we had sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. and it looks like the weekend is going to be nice, too. the forecast is coming up.
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appalled appalled drastic budget problems continue to
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playing the state. in concord, parents rallied outside on friday and plan to do so every friday until the next month until a final decision is made by the school district as to which schools will be closed in the district. they are looking to close several schools. silver wood elementary being one of them because of a huge budget deficit. if the schools are selected to be closed, this will be their final year. here in morgan hill, budget cuts are looming under a new budget plan from the new governor, calfire's annual budget could be cut by one- third. also reducing the number of firefighters on engine crews from 4 to 3. the state wants to shift responsibility of fire protection back to local jurisdictions which approved development there. but local officials werey how they are going to pay for all
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this. it might mean raising taxes to pay for increased fire protection. here at the mcguire correctionsal facility, jerry brown wants to transfer state prisoners to this county jail in order to help save the state some money. san mateo county sheriff says this building doesn't have any room. >> we're over our maximum capacity. if we were to see a large influx of state inmates, we would have to release some inmates. the problem is the current inmates we have now, we've deemed we need to keep in custody to protect our community. here in san jose, the bankruptcy court is seeing a record number of filings. more than 13,000 businesses filing in 2010, a 16% jump over 2009. experts say it's because of the mortgage crisis coupled with people losing their jobs. they see no end in sight.
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here's the view looking over the city, the wind blowing the camera around a little bit. clear skies for much of the bay area, but the fog is beginning to develop for tonight, especially north bay valleys. we are still in the low 50s for san jose at 53 degrees. so a really nice night out there. all the bad weather, the clouds and the rain to the north of the bay area. this is where the weather is going to stay, at least the stormy weather into the pacific for the -- pacific northwest. we are going to remain fairly dry and sunny for the next few days. the only thing that's going to change, on sunday we're going to get brushed with the tail end of this system coming through bringing some clouds and perhaps a couple of sprinkles. that's about it. in the meantime, the fog is really the big problem into tomorrow morning. there could be some low visibilities in a lot of spot,
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especially north bay and east bay, but mostly sunny for the afternoon. pretty nice and then again for sunday, clouding up. temperatures tonight will remain mild in the 40s to around 50 degrees for san francisco, oakland, low tonight of 50 and for tomorrow. highs getting into the 60s. it's going to be pretty nice. mostly sunny with a little bit of fog still left around. 64-- 68 for livermore and into santa rosa. rest of the weekend, sunday, additional clouds, couple of sprinkles. for martin luther king day, a lot better, fog in the morning, sun in the afternoon. possibly some 70s. major league baseball has teamed up with show time for a new type of reality shows
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featuring the world series champions. >> the giants won the world series, now what? well, how about a reality show. that's what giants fans can expect to see on show time. they promise to see the team in a raw, unscripted type series. it doesn't have a title yet but major league baseball says the tv shows will give viewers a front row seat into the lives of the players, coaches and team personnel as they begin the task of defending their world series title through the 2011 season. giants' fans i spoke to think it will not have an it pact on how -- impact on how they play ball. >> i don't think it will make much of a difference. i think it will make a difference in terms of maybe their personalities. >> i don't really see their focus would be hampered at all by the show. i would definitely watch that. that's one of the things i like most about this past season was
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the fact that they were just a total team of miss fits. >> i watch it. total characters. i could see why show time wants to profile them. >> the series is in production and is being shot in a series of ten months in several locations including san francisco and scottsdale arizona for spring training. the first episode will air when the season starts in april. jim harbaugh goes back to the farm to hand pick three of his top assistants. gary has details on that straight ahead. rookie blake griffin lives up to the hype, but the warriors would have the last laugh. the highlights and sports is next.
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warriors playing somebody their
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own size. we're talking about the clippers with davis and this great rookie blake griffith. we say their own size because they are both out of the playoffs right now. he's good. 24 straight double double. but the warriors hung tough. ellis had 30 points. out of the playoffs at this juncture. trying to get some life going. look at that. man, is he good. at the finish, the warriors played at home. they are good on their home court. on the road, not so hot. the crowd always responds here. reggie williams to david lee. lee had 19 and 9. warriors are 10-7 at home. currie-- did finish with 23 points. jim harbaugh didn't go far for his new assistants, in fact,
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old friends right from sanford. -- stanford. greg roman is going to leave stanford and become the offensive coordinator with the 49ers. there's a fellow named tom from stanford, he's going to coach the offense. one good note for greg, he is now the new defensive coordinator of the san diego chargers. young is continuing his coaching career. he had one year at san jose state and now brian is going to go to a big time program, the florida gators. he is the new defensive line coach. 38 years of age. his entire nfl career spent with the 49ers. bryant young is going to continue to try and be a college football coach. a few moments ago you heard this story and i wasn't happy it was reported. somebody big footed me. the giants are going to be on show time. i don't know if this was pam --
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[ laughter ] >> i will have a commentary about what this station has done to me. i love the interviews to go out and ask someone, do you think it will hurt the giants' chances? very interesting report. show time is going to follow them around for 10 months. listen, you and i are friends so maybe i ought to direct it to you. because i have a few years on me. to have a young reporter go out and use my stories to get me the flinch, i don't like it. let's get reggie out there. >> you need to talk to the manager. >> i've already talked to the manager. i'm not happy about this. i'm waiting to go on, i'm in the green room. hi, i'm reggie and i don't think it will hurt them at all this year. you know what it's like to have young people nipping at your heals? you wouldn't know what it's like. >> i wouldn't do that to you or
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anybody. >> you would do it to me and you wouldn't even blink. you stab somebody in the back and -- [ laughter ] when i have a story that's a sports story then you see a young hand some devil doing it instead. reggie, if you're out there, i don't forget. pga golf truly will soon begin with tiger woods opens his year. without tiger tj -- playing in honor flight -- hawaii. he shot 73. then scott -- chip of the day. somebody played, tigers not playing -- any way, michael fell ps this man could come on, jump in quick. i've got 19 seconds. here he goes. he wins this match against ryan
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by more than a second. michael phelps swimming in a nonolympic year, a story that reggie wouldn't dream of showing. but i give you more. >> night.
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